No Dig Organic Home & Garden


Grow, cook, use & store your harvest

by Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty

No dig organic gardening saves time and work. The authors draw on decades of experience to explain the skills you need for growing great vegetables in less time. They explain and illustrate delicious ways to eat them, and other things you can do with garden plants.

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Book of the Month in Gardens Illustrated August 2017:

No dig is just the starting point of this book and it goes on to cover every possible aspect of growing, cooking and preserving, combining all of Dowding and Hafferty’s knowledge, ideas and recipes. There are tables for the best sowing times, required soil temperatures and spacings, plus protection, pests and diseases are covered in detail.

Then there are recipes for using your produce to create DIY potions for the garden – sprays, fertilisers and so on – and for the home – soaps, cleaning solutions and laundry powder – as well as plenty of mouth-watering, vegetable-based recipes.

All of these extras combine to make this more of a manual for self sufficiency and an alternative lifestyle than a straight gardening book, and it is all the more useful and thought provoking for it. It is a brilliant place for a beginner to start and will also give old timers pause to consider doing things in this alternative way. (Lia Leendertz)

Setting up a no dig garden:

  • make compost and enrich soil
  • learn skills you need to sow and grow annual and perennial veg
  • harvest and prepare food year round
  • make natural cosmetics, cleaning products and garden preparations

These approaches work as well in small spaces as in large gardens. The Authors’ combined experience gives you ways of growing, preparing and storing the plants you grow for many uses, including delicious vegetable feasts and many recipes and ideas for increasing self reliance, saving money, living sustainably and enjoying the pleasure of growing your own food, year round.

Proceeds from sales of this book go to Charles and Steph’s No Dig partnership.


Charles is a pioneer of organic and no dig growing since 1983, creating and cropping four market gardens, the largest of seven acres. He has written seven books, runs a YouTube channel and teaches extensively at home and abroad. Stephanie Hafferty is an organic no dig kitchen gardener, writer and chef, specialising in seasonal plant based food. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of growing and cooking to feed families and communities.

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