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Sowing, Spacing, Planting, Picking, Watering and More

Skills for Growing online course teaches you how to save time, effort and money. With the skills you learn, you’ll find gardening even easier, and learn how you can produce fine, healthy harvests without the hard work!

We look in depth at the key processes of growing. I cover saving your own seed, propagation, multi-sowing, spacing, methods of harvesting and watering, and more. I cut through some of the myths that can make your life in the garden harder and less productive. I show you how to adapt your knowledge of growing in different circumstances, and you learn how to grow different plants at different times of the year.

This course is an update of my original ‘Growing Success’ course, with added content. If you’ve purchased ‘Growing Success’ we can enrol you on ‘Skills For Growing’ for free. Please email

The written content of the course is similar to my book, Skills for Growing, but has further lessons on using containers and growing herbs.

  • 6 modules containing 18 lessons.
  • All lessons contain instructional videos, the majority of which are exclusive to the course and not on YouTube.
  • There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of each lesson, for enjoyment and to consolidate learning. A certificate on completion of the course can also be sent via email on request.
  • There are no downloadable PDFs or worksheets.
  • You will have lifetime access to the course, which allows you to refer back to any part at any time.
6 Modules, 18 Lessons
Introduction – Skills for Growing
Tips for good growing
An outline of key skills
Planning, with three examples
Succession and rotation
Seeds and seed saving
How to propagate strong seedlings
The benefits of multisowing
Transplant or sow direct
The how and why of spacing
Examples of close spacings
Examples of wider spacings, and Spacing Guide
When and how to water, and how much
Harvesting timings
Covers for speeding growth and pest protection
Winter gardening, and how to manage frost
Growing in containers
Some perennials, and herbs
Going further – New skills for new energies
Harvesting methods and amounts
Introduction and glossary
Skills for Growing - Introduction and glossary
Skills and knowledge for a full garden, all year
I cover tips for good growing, and outline key skills. I also provide examples to support your planning and explore succession and rotation.
Seeds, sowing and planting
You’ll learn new skills for successful seed saving and propagating strong seedlings. We also look at multisowing and transplanting.
The importance of spacing, with examples
We look at how and why to space carefully, and when to use close or wider spacing.
Watering and harvesting
I cover when and how to water, and harvesting methods and timings.
Covers and winter gardening
We look at how you can use covers to promote growth through increased warmth, and to protect from pests. Plus we look at managing frost and other winter garden factors.
Containers, perennials and herbs
You’ll learn about growing in containers, and how to grow perennials and herbs.
Going Further
I finish with suggestions for taking gardening to an even greater level of ease and energy.
Further info
  • We offer discounts the for the purchase of multiple courses – see this page.

see what our members are saying

My ‘go-to’ reference source for growing different vegetables. There is so much detail and guidance. I cannot recommend it highly enough and I would not have been able to have the success (or confidence) I have achieved in growing vegetables (and delicious melons) without it.

Alice Townsend – October 2021 (From Seed to Harvest)

This course has taught me an incredible amount about growing vegetables, even though I went through these topics in my studies. I was able to deepen my knowledge and, above all, simplify it a lot! Charles Dowding’s methods are well-founded and incredibly fun. I am simply thrilled!

Marisa – September 2022 (Skills for Growing)

I took this course in winter, and was astonished how much vital practical information Charles was sharing. His knowledge is extensive, and he shares it with ease, great skill, and much charm. The course is well-organised, and the information is easily understandable and thorough.

V M Faulkner – December 2021 (No Dig Gardening)