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Following Charles’ advice (can’t remember which book) I decided to grow Garlic from the supermarket.
Last year I bought 3 garlic bulbs from a well known supermarket for 50p a pop,they were called extra large garlic.
There was no variety named only country of origin-Spain.
I planted 21 cloves on 24th oct 2017 along with 6 bulbs worth from Kings at a cost of £15.
Now I have no problem with the garlic I’m growing from Kings,it’s doing really well and I should be harvesting in a few weeks.
Now getting back to the supermarket garlic,it turned out to be hard-neck,I cut the scapes off a couple of weeks ago,they were lovely.Then last week they just went over,so I decided to have a look.On Friday I harvested 21 of the biggest garlic bulbs I have ever grown,thanks Charles..”Every little helps”