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I have a small polytunnel 8by 6feet and uncovered the ground this season which was cardboarded over to quell the weeds – thistles, nettles dandelions,dyers weld, clover. Now has 4 inches compost.
I have an abundance of tomato plants in pots. It struck me that if the temp drops the plants may be cosier surrounded by the very warm compost on the ground than in less compost in the plastic pot.

As I have so many, I decided to plant 3 in one bed of the polytunnel to see what happens. They have been in a week now, and so far ,so good. The night temps are dropping over the next days, so I’ll cosy them with a bit of fleece at night. None are at first truss level. One is small:one set of true leaves,one a little bigger and another bigger yet.

I know the recommendation is to plant much later and with a first truss of flowers, but I thought it was worth testing out my idea. What do you think, Charles?