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See this page for more information on my recommended gardening products such as the wires.

Where to buy my books and gardening products in other countries


The Netherlands

  • Books and module trays from The Farm Dream -  can be shipped to EU countries



USA and Canada

Australia and New Zealand

Amazon also sells my books and calendar, for shipping internationally.


Recommended Reading

  • I have a page on Shepherds Books where I list books that have helped and inspired me.
  • Silent Earth. Insects are essential for life as we know it - without them, our world would look vastly different. Drawing on the latest ground-breaking research and a lifetime's study, Dave Goulson reveals the long decline of insect populations that has taken place in recent decades and its potential consequences, and asks for profound change at every level.


Compost & Mulches

  • Compost etc for beds from Woodland Horticulture, based in Somerset and delivering widely.
  • I have trialled and like this compost for propagating from Pete's Peat Free.
  • In and around Bristol, Phoenix Green Solutions make good compost
  • AllGrowSupplies sell excellent compost for raising plants: it contains some peat, a waste product from Yorkshire water filtration.
  • Corker is a family-run nursery in Kent that offers mushroom plus other composts and excellent service.
  • Online turf sell mushroom compost by the cubic metre, also bulk composts and soil.
  • Viridor sell green waste compost.
  • Mulch material to kill weeds, made of wool in N. England by ChimneySheep.
  • Biodegradable mulch materials from Hy-Tex, for weed control.
  • sell Miscanthus Bedding/Mulch – this is shredded grass, half way between straw and wood chips, white in colour.
  • Arbtalk is a website in the UK dedicated to helping tree surgeons find tip sites for wood chips or waste tree surgery timber. You can register as a site wanting delivery of wood chip, if you have the space to accommodate a load.

Reporting Aminopyralid Contamination

If you think your garden or allotment has been affected by aminopyralid or clopyralid residues in manure or compost please do report the problem using this link. Please note this form is only for the UK and Ireland. I am assured this information is reviewed by the UK government 6 monthly to assess the effectiveness of the aminopyralid 'stewardship' program which is a condition of the UK  license.For more information on contaminated compost, see this page.


Seed & Plants

  • for seeds and info ion seed saving
  • Bingenheim Seeds of Germany offer a catalogue with organic and biodynamic seeds. They no longer ship directly to individuals in the UK due to the extra customs regulations. They have partnered with a UK company who offer a product range of their open pollinated organic varieties.  They are Tamar Organics
  • Culinaris from Germany offer unusual kales, blight resistant tomatoes et al
  • for seeds, especially endive & chicory
  • Delfland near Ely is a plant nursery where you can buy wholesale amounts of excellent transplants
  • Pennard Plants of Somerset sell cuttings of Taunton Deane kale plus other great plants
  • Hopes Grove Nurseries in Kent sell native hedging plants and more
  • sell organic fruit trees
  • Royale Organic‘s tips on seed saving introduce the easier vegetables to try


Bees & Wildlife


Useful extras

  • Bacillus thuringiensis from - sold for Box trees and hedges, also kills brassica caterpillars. If this link is broken, type 'Bacillus thuringiensis caterpillars' or 'Dipel' into a Search bar.
  • better  sell excellent dried and powdered seaweed, from Irish beaches
  • Agralan sell basalt rockdust in 20kg sacks.


Associations & Learning




Charities supporting soil health and gardening

  • Tiyeni, a Malawian NGO (with a UK fundraising team), trains communities in Deep Bed Farming – a low tech, low cost method to sustainably and rapidly increase yields.


Somerset Activities & Eateries



  • for a great holiday, woofing, compost loos…
  • Something different, lovely pictures and mirrors from old wood in Germany
  • View microscopic soil life in digital art! By Katelyn Weel, soil scientist in Norway
  • Teemil – sweatshirts and T shirts with Charles's own no dig designs, in organic cotto
  • Mesothelioma Hope – an advocacy organisation that provides free educational resources, support, and information to anyone that may have questions about asbestos-related diseases
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