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Sarah and Andrew

Cockley Cley, Swaffham, Norfolk

We are the proud current custodians of the old walled garden. Andrew has always grown potatoes, onions and runner beans in a dug bed for many years. Two years ago I stumbled across Charles and the No Dig method and decided to use a bit of the garden as an experimental no dig patch. I became more interested in knowing where our food comes from and how it’s grown, we were both keen on becoming a bit more self sufficient than we had been. Unlike Andrew I had never gardened or grown anything, I was and still am a proud novice! When I laid out my plans to Andrew he was convinced it wouldn’t work and it would be another fad that I wanted to have a go at- I have a room full of previous fads so his assumption was fair. In January 2023 I got my first ever greenhouse and built two no dig beds using materials I found laying around. I was full of confidence and went at it with a ‘give it a go and see what happens’ mindset. After a bereavement in 2023, this further catapulted my desire for growing and a real appreciation of the healing vibes the garden and my little growing space gave me. Not really having a clue I watched YouTube, read books, followed instagram accounts and signed up for a course at Homeacres. I’ve never looked back and Andrew is a complete convert.Still work in progress, we now have a brassica cage, 9 no dig beds one for herbs, three compost bays (we have had our first lot of home made compost!) and after a visit to Homeacres I’m creating a squash bed for the 2024 growing season. Our little garden kept us fed last year, and I still have a stash of Crown Prince and Butternut Squashes to take us through soup season!

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