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Hey, In recent years I have been growing vegetables for my well being, and trees for my livelihood(and well being). My main dilemma in growing the vegetables was to turn over the soil, I understood that its encourages the weeds to pop up more and more. Also when I was turning over the soil and harming all these nice earthworms, and microorganisms it didn’t feel right. I was only weakening what I want to cultivate and that is of course the soil. Weeding was also a big part of the job. I heard a lot about the method that it is possible not to turn over the soil, but I really didn’t understand how it actually works in growing vegetables.

I came across by chance to the wonderful videos of dear Charles and it helped me a lot to apply this life changing method of no dig in a completely different climate zone from England. In the Galilee.I must point out that I am not alone in this garden and I do this with my buddy Shir mostly, plus other friends who come several times a year. Most of the work, is picking, adding compost to the beds and wood chips for the paths. I will also note that I really like to sow a lot of the vegetables directly in the soil, in hot summers like in the Galilee, it is important that the vegetables will deepen roots and be strong as possible, with the no dig method it is very easy to sow directly in the beds, because what germinates is mainly what you sow and not weeds, and it is very easy to identify and track what you have sown. In addition there is no problem to integrate a drip irrigation system, if its necessary in dry areas zones.

From year to year like wine it seems that the soil life are only getting better and growing with the soil becomes easier and more fun. Less struggle and more consideration for the soil, a winning recipe!

All the best, Ron

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