CoursesIf you’re looking to learn more about the vegetable growing and no dig gardening then I have a range of courses available, both taught in person at Homeacres and on my trips around the UK, or online as part of my in-depth guide which allows you to learn at your own pace.

Homeacres Courses


Learn about growing all kinds of vegetables and many fruits too, productively, healthily and with less effort.

Both Day Courses and Weekend Courses are available and they cover many topics, or if you have specific requirements we can create your own bespoke course itinerary.

Online Courses


The course is one third videos and two thirds text with photos. In the videos I explain the beautiful simplicity of growing without digging, using mulches and how this reduces weed growth. I show an example of how we make one bed in a morning, using compost on top of weeds, then we plant it straightaway.

Other Courses


My events calendar has complete listings of all my scheduled courses at Homeacres and elsewhere.

You can also find further advice and guidance in my range of Books.