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I have grown Borlotto Beans for the first time this year. I have grown Climbing French beans and Runner beans before.
I bought the seed from Chase Organics, the packet says Climbing French Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fucoo.
I sown them along with French Bean Blauhilde, Runner Bean Czar and Runner Bean Firestorm in root trainers on 21st April in the greenhouse.
I germinate them on wet kitchen paper first in the boiler cupboard until they start to sprout
They were planted out on 10th May under fleece for a couple of weeks. 6 plants of each along a doble row of bean sticks.
We went away on holiday from 11th June for one week. Before we went away all the beans were just started to climb the sticks. Since we returned I have noticed the Borlotto beans appear to be becoming bushy but not climbing up the sticks.
Is this normal? Or are the beans not stick beans but a dwarf variety.

I have attached a photo . The Borlotto beans are the ones nearest to the Courgettes.