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PracticalJournalistOfTheYearWelcome to the website of Charles Dowding, innovative gardener, author of seven books on caring for soil and growing vegetables. I also share knowledge through talks, courses and regular magazine articles which won me the award of 2014 Garden Media Guilds ‘Practical Journalist of the Year’.

The site shows productive ways to grow food, and with less weeding,  using a lovely way of caring for soil – undug and with a light covering of compost on top, based on my experience of growing vegetables without tillage for thirty years.  There is more information in my courses, books, talks and videos.

panorama sep 14

Homeacres is a small, intensive market garden, ideal for teaching, trialling and producing above all. From 900 square metres of beds, there is a steady supply of vegetables and especially salad leaves. With help from Steph in the time-consuming picking and packing, I deliver twice weekly March-October, and once a week in winter, to local shops and restaurants, mostly in Bruton.

August 2015 veg sowing, tomatoes, pests

Vegetables to sow now, advice on growing tomatoes, coping with pests, large vegetables are good, hybrid varieties or not, making compost
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News – new tomato and no dig video

Just released by permaculture magazine and association, a film by Phil and Lauren, five minutes on the simplicity of growing without disturbing soil.

Filmed on July 13th, this video on youtube explains no dig tomato growing, and ongoing tomato care undercover. It is also part of the online course.

My online course  is now available to buy., follow this link It includes 40 videos,  text and photos, to clarify all the benefits of a no dig, organic approach to growing vegetables, and its good for flowers too! Here is a short video  about it.

No dig gardens and allotments are becoming more common and meeting a lot of interest. My talks and visits have been exciting recently: a lecture in Ireland saw the hall full to bursting and masses of interest, with positive feedback from gardeners already using the no dig method. The next visit here, apart from courses, is my open day on September 6th 2-5pm, see Events.

There is a weather contrast this year, dry in the south and wetter, cooler in the north. Gardening is different in the two parts of Britain, what you see here reflects conditions in the drier (but not hot) south, where I am watering salads most days, and celeriac.

Purple artichokes mid July 2015

Steph has been busy creating her new site and it looks great, nice photos of seasonal veg, prepared salads, potions made from homegrown ingredients and more.

Britain’s Best Allotment is a competition to showcase some of the finest allotments in Britain, and to highlight their values and benefits. Allotments are assessed by an expert panel of judges, for excellent prizes.

See my sowing timeline in Articles (under Learn banner), the whole year at a glance. Save your time and seeds! Summer is still good for sowing many seeds.

Boltardy beetroot June 1st, sown early March in module

Boltardy beetroot June 1st, sown early March in module

Course dates here,  for autumn too, and until November this year.

See the Homeacres Trials page for photos of the dig, no dig experiment up to early summer, some interesting differences so far, many harvests now happening. Up to mid July, harvests from both beds are over 45kg, of herbs, lettuce, spinach, beetroot, potato, carrot, cabbage and broad beans.

Here’s a video about Homeacres course days, and nice shots of the garden.

The tools I recommend are available here and include a wooden, long-handled dibber, 84 cell module trays and also my books.

Seeds, how likely are they to grow, where are they from? Some interesting results from a survey by a consumer organisation here.

New website for rock dust with many interesting reports of its results from gardeners all over the UK.

July 2015 update, harvests, clearing, more sowing

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July 2015 Summer vegetable growing

Summer catch up, plant care,  some trials results, undercover growing, interplants, weeding, new garden after a Homeacres course

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Mid June season for vegetables

Catching up after cold winds, aphids and pest protection, seed quality and sowing now Continue reading

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