Welcome to the website of Charles Dowding, innovative gardener, author of seven books on caring for soil and growing vegetables. I also share knowledge through talks, courses and regular magazine articles which won me the award of 2014 Garden Media Guilds ‘Practical Journalist of the Year’.

The site shows productive ways to grow food, and with less weeding,  using a lovely way of caring for soil – undug and with a light covering of compost on top, based on my experience of growing vegetables without tillage for thirty years.  There is more information in my courses, books, talks and videos.

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Homeacres is a small, intensive market garden, ideal for teaching, trialling and producing above all. From 900 square metres of beds, there is a steady supply of vegetables and especially salad leaves. With help from Steph in the time-consuming picking and packing, I deliver twice weekly March-October, and once a week in winter, to local shops and restaurants, mostly in Bruton.

Mid May update 2015

Coping with cold winds, planting tips, making compost, good/bad potting composts,  making new beds and salad pickings

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Filming for my online course

May 20th, nice weather but more cool nights to come, best fleece new plantings of tender veg.

Homeacres garden is open 2-5pm on Sunday June 7th and Sunday September 6th, see Events calendar.

We are busy filming videos for a new online course in no dig gardening, releasing in mid July.

See my sowing timeline in Articles (under Learn banner), the whole year at a glance. Save your time and seeds!

Course dates here,  for autumn too, and a weekend/market gardening course on August 29th/30th.

Job ad: Exciting opportunity – a private estate close to Bruton, Somerset is looking for a bright, fit, enthusiastic full time gardener with a desire to learn and who enjoys being outdoors in all weathers, to join a dynamic and happy team of gardeners, led by an award winning young head gardener.  Varied work  in a stunning garden,  for more information contact Steph.Hafferty@me.com

Learn about setting up and running a Community Garden from a well established expert, Christina Crossingham, at Easton Community Garden in Bristol. Its on Saturday June 27th and costs £40. Christina’s garden is also a superb demonstration of the no dig method.

I have updated the Homeacres Trials page with photos of the dig, no dig experiment up to mid May, some interesting differences so far.

Here’s a video about Homeacres course days, and nice shots of the garden.

The tools I recommend are available here and include a wooden, long-handled dibber, 84 cell module trays and also my books.

Seeds, how likely are they to grow, where are they from? Some interesting results from a survey by a consumer organisation here.

New website for rock dust with many interesting reports of its results from gardeners all over the UK.

May 2015

Timing sowing and planting for fickle weather, the joy of perennials, propagation and seed saving, biodynamics, courses and composting

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Mid April 2015

New growth! weeds included, more on sowing dates,  spring harvests and using fleece, and beware frosts imminent

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April 2015

Using fleece, tips on sowing and planting in dry conditions, spring salad harvest, trial update, interplanting, plant raising and pests

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