Welcome to the website of Charles Dowding, innovative gardener, author of seven books on caring for soil and growing vegetables. I also share knowledge through talks, courses and regular magazine articles which won me the award of 2014 Garden Media Guilds ‘Practical Journalist of the Year’.

The site shows productive ways to grow food, and with less weeding,  using a lovely way of caring for soil – undug and with a light covering of compost on top, based on my experience of growing vegetables without tillage for thirty years.  There is more information in my courses, books, talks and videos.

panorama sep 14

Homeacres is a small, intensive market garden, ideal for teaching, trialling and producing above all. From 900 square metres of beds, there is a steady supply of vegetables and especially salad leaves. I deliver twice weekly March-October, and once a week in winter, to local shops and restaurants, mostly in Bruton.


Homeacres winter ’15, beds mulched with compost

March is soon here, it will come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, be ready with tomato seed, also peas and Boltardy beetroot, see my sowing timeline in Articles (under Learn banner), the whole year at a glance.

New course dates here, April 8th, May 2nd, May 10th. Also since my March courses are sold out, see the one I am doing March 4th at the Chapel clubroom in Bruton.

New book on Lunar & Biodynamic Gardening by Matt Jackson, pub. CICO Books. Illustrated with photos from many gardens including Homeacres, and gorgeous ones from Hazelrowan Wood in Devon. And my article in Ecohustler, which includes a look at biodynamic growing.

video about my course days, I love his comment about the birdsong. I am a little deaf to high notes and had not appreciated it!

The tools I recommend are available here and include a wooden, long-handled dibber, 84 cell module trays and also my books.

New website for rock dust with many interesting reports of its results from gardeners all over the UK.

Article by Charles on spring sowing in Country Smallholding magazine for March. No link here, you have to buy the magazine and its very popular with smallholders.

A recent interview I gave with a succinct outline of the no dig approach.

Have a look at Sean James Cameron’s gardening videos “Practical down to earth gardening advice showing the positive side of allotment life. Covering veg, fruit, herbs and during this year far more patio flowers.”

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Feb 2015 early sowings

What to sow now, some into modules and some in trays for pricking out, seeds or sets for onions,  preparing no dig beds for planting, winter veg to eat now, winter salads, a shed for Homeacres compost loo, and our trip to Dublin.

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February 2015

Composts for propagating, watering tips, spring salads, updates on another trial and mustard green manure

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Mid January 2015

Keep clearing, mulching, preparing, no sowing yet

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January 2015

Coping with winter and a look back at the weather of 2014

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