Czech Republic 2017, Roman Jonczy’s new garden

31st October 2017 Your No Dig Gardens

I received a message on 16.10.17 from Roman, who had discovered my work on You Tube: “One of your videos was actually the reason I started a small vegetable garden this past spring. While follow

September update: protect veg, when to harvest, growth examples by sowing date, seed age & sowings

15th September 2017 Autumn

The weather has been difficult but manageable, apart from damage to climbing beans. Leafy crops have enjoyed the rain and lack of sun more than fruiting ones. However September’s second half looks q

September 17 sowing for winter, controlling pests, blight, more on no dig

31st August 2017 Autumn

New season and Homeacres news – autumn is near and we need to prepare. Make new sowings, continue weeding and tidying including old brassica leaves and leek rust, watch for pests and tomato blig

July 2016, potato flowering and blight, comparing dig/no dig, harvests then clear, replant

29th June 2016 Summer

Looking back over spring, it started cold and then was good. May and early June growth was as fast as I have seen, until the wheels came off recently with the arrival of wind and rain. A British summe