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An illustrated, one hour 20min talk on how to have healthy soil and enjoy easier harvests, followed by questions and answers. Charles explains how he makes, buys and uses compost of different kinds. How to clear perennial weeds with mulches, including couch grass and bindweed. How to maintain a no […]

Talk on no dig gardening, Norwich 17th November

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A second spring after some rain, still warm, days reasonably long – what are you waiting for? One days growth in August is two in September, four in October, eight in November, 16 in December and a half in July! The two photos show growth in just eight days.

August blog update: sow & plant for August growth, no ...

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Here, July 2006 was hotter than this year. However in 2006 we had 41mm lovely rain, after 36mm in June ’06, whereas this year the figures to 28th July are 6mm & 4mm respectively, most unusual for the UK. My hose has been busy and no dig mulch is helping a lot. […]

August 18 watering, second crop, no dig mulch, diseases & ...

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It’s a drought: June was the driest month I ever recorded, just 4mm/0.2in rain, with a lot of sun and dry breezes. At least with no dig you have roots able to access extra moisture through teaming with the mycorrhizal network of fungi. Fungal threads can extract water from crevices […]

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