Nov 17 mid month blog of veg harvests, frost protection, new beds, feed/mulch soil, trial results

14th November 2017 Autumn

Will it be a cold winter? Too early to say but the vegetables are telling us that winter has arrived.

November 17 mulching, sow garlic & beans, no dig international, storing veg, winter salads

30th October 2017 Autumn

There are many lovely harvests to make in November, and much to learn from how things have grown this year. The main sowing is broad beans, from now in colder areas until mid or late November in south

October mid month – chilli & tomato plants overwinter, new bed no dig, winter salads, harvests now, saving basil seed

16th October 2017 Autumn

We have been clearing and planting under cover, making many harvests and filming for videos plus TV. I enjoyed working with the makers of Croatian programme Vrtlarica, about healthy living and food gr

September 17 sowing for winter, controlling pests, blight, more on no dig

31st August 2017 Autumn

New season and Homeacres news – autumn is near and we need to prepare. Make new sowings, continue weeding and tidying including old brassica leaves and leek rust, watch for pests and tomato blig

June 2017, seed quality, no dig speed, pests to watch for, compost and manure heaps

1st June 2017 Summer

Wonderful growth has happened in May’s second half, after 59mm rain and warmth. Nights especially were the warmest of any May I recorded since the 1970s. Up to 15th the night minimum was average 7.5

October ’16 update: mulches, brassicas, carrots dig/no dig, sedum

16th October 2016 Autumn

16.10.16, the middle of autumn and there is still no frost here, though I hear that some valleys and northern areas of Britain have frozen a little.  Because of autumn’s increasing mildness, over t

July 2016, potato flowering and blight, comparing dig/no dig, harvests then clear, replant

29th June 2016 Summer

Looking back over spring, it started cold and then was good. May and early June growth was as fast as I have seen, until the wheels came off recently with the arrival of wind and rain. A British summe

June ’16 update on harvests, pests, flowers, compost, hotbeds, sowings

15th June 2016 Summer

Its still that amazing time when growth is so willing, just as crops begin to mature and before some of the lushness turns less exuberant. Watch for yellowing of first early potatoes which are ready w

June 2016 no dig, fertility boosts, summer sowing and harvests, making compost, events

1st June 2016 Summer

Despite a dry May (just 17.9mm here in May’s last 3 weeks), plants have sprung out of the ground like unleashing coils, with warmth complementing the long hours of daylight. The photos say it al

May 2016 sow, plant, make compost, using fleece

1st May 2016 Spring

Frost and hail in late April were a timely reminder to wait before sowing and planting warmth-loving plants. In this area (SW England) its good to sow runner and French beans mid month, undercover, fo

Feb 2015 early sowings
Feb 2015 early sowings

15th February 2015 Winter

What to sow now, some into modules and some in trays for pricking out, seeds or sets for onions,  preparing no dig beds for planting, winter veg to eat now, winter salads, a shed for Homeacres compos