Double Pack – No Dig Organic Home & Garden and Vegetable Garden Diary

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Two book deal: No Dig Organic Home & Garden + Vegetable Garden Diary.

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Specially chosen to perfectly compliment each other, these two titles make a great gift, or first step into No Dig Gardening.



No Dig Organic Home & Garden


Award, Best gardening book, No Dig,

No Dig Organic Home & Garden won this at the Gardening Oscars

Judges’ comments: The judges were bowled over by the sheer volume of useful information in this comprehensive book. Written with obvious passion by people who practice what they preach, it’s full of immensely logical and clear explanations that don’t baffle with technical terms. The useful key tables and clear, informative photos all add to this hugely practical book that is perfect for anyone interested in growing their own veg and making the most of their harvests without needing to dig.

The Diary was a finalist in the Practical Books category.

Book of the Month in Gardens Illustrated August 2017:

No dig is just the starting point of this book and it goes on to cover every possible aspect of growing, cooking and preserving, combining all of Dowding and Hafferty’s knowledge, ideas and recipes. There are tables for the best sowing times, required soil temperatures and spacings, plus protection, pests and diseases are covered in detail.

Then there are recipes for using your produce to create DIY potions for the garden – sprays, fertilisers and so on – and for the home – soaps, cleaning solutions and laundry powder – as well as plenty of mouth-watering, vegetable-based recipes.

All of these extras combine to make this more of a manual for self sufficiency and an alternative lifestyle than a straight gardening book, and it is all the more useful and thought provoking for it. It is a brilliant place for a beginner to start and will also give old timers pause to consider doing things in this alternative way. (Lia Leendertz)

No Dig Organic Home and Garden has been receiving so many compliments and has been reprinted twice so far.. 

I treated myself to your latest book and wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. So much information for the home (I now know how to use my citrus peelings) and garden.  I garden in NE Scotland so I tweak timings a little

Jacky McCallam, email 15.8.17

Setting up a no dig garden:

  • make compost and enrich soil
  • learn skills you need to sow and grow annual and perennial veg
  • harvest and prepare food year round
  • make natural cosmetics, cleaning products and garden preparations

These approaches work as well in small spaces as in large gardens. The Authors’ combined experience gives you ways of growing, preparing and storing the plants you grow for many uses, including delicious vegetable feasts and many recipes and ideas for increasing self reliance, saving money, living sustainably and enjoying the pleasure of growing your own food, year round.

30.9.17 Sharon Jarvis FB Charles’ timeline

The two books together have been my go to bibles this year. Thank you for writing books that make me so excited to get out and grow


Charles is a pioneer of organic and no dig growing since 1983, creating and cropping four market gardens, the largest of seven acres. He has written nine books, runs a YouTube channel, and teaches extensively at home and abroad. Stephanie is an organic no dig kitchen gardener, writer and chef, specialising in seasonal plant based food. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of growing and cooking to feed families and communities, and has written The Creative Kitchen 2018.

Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Garden Diary pub. Dec 2016

Advice in the diary section is linked to each week of the season:

  • sow seed at the best moment – seeds neither fail in cold nor start too late
  • sowing and planting methods, plus raising plants at home
  • the advantages of no dig, for less time needed
  • maintain control of weeds through timely mulching and hoeing
  • how to feed soil, for strong and healthy growth, more easily
  • when and how to make all the harvests, with advice on storing produce

This is a garden companion of seasonal prompts, and then your own additions in the any year format (no days of the week), all in the context of precise information about how to grow great vegetables.

Three quarters of the pages are gardening advice, one quarter is diary space.

Wire bound for easy use.

Self-published by the author’s imprint No Dig Garden, 168 pages illustrated with photographs mostly of Homeacres garden. The cover is laminated both sides for greater longevity and to prevent curling.

Cover price £14.95.
Available in the US from Chelsea Green Publishing, for $24.95.


Kitchen Garden Magazine February 2017

Charles Dowding is renowned for his no-dig approach to growing and the benefits it brings in saving money, less weeding, plant health and harvests for all seasons. Although this spiral bound book is a ‘diary’ of sorts, this only tells half the story as it is also packed with tips, guidance and nuggets of gardening wisdom on various aspects of growing fruit and veg.

From care of the soil to making compost to how to manage individual plants, this book is structured chronologically month by month, as you would expect. It starts with March – one of the busiest months in the gardening year – and ends in February. Each month has a page for notes in diary format, so you can add your own notes as an aide memoire perhaps to look back on in subsequent years. The diary pages are interspersed with well-illustrated pages of practical advice. Definitely one to have by your side as the growing year unfolds.

WHO IS IT FOR? All gardeners looking to get the best out of their crops.


“A fantastic, easy to understand diary, guiding you through the growing year. Full of genuinely useful tips and methods that Charles has refined. A must buy for anyone starting the no dig method, as well as those who want to learn more”. Dan, January 2017

On Amazon by Lynn “It’s always good to have a reminder of what the main gardening tasks are month by month. But this diary does more than that. Even though I have been gardening for decades I can dive into this book and pick up gems of information never before encountered. Charles is a truly good gardener with an amazing willingness to share his knowledge.” June 2017

Your book arrived safely in Poland some weeks ago and is a source of great pleasure and inspiration“, from Ewa in Poland, February 2017

I’m finding the Vegetable Garden Diary is excellent. I think its your best work to date“. Don Foley, Ireland April 2017

” I received my copy yesterday and took advantage of a cold evening to sit reading it by the fire. I initially thought that as someone who had been practicing no dig that I may find this book was something I should have had 4 years ago and was of little use now.

However once again Charles has come up with a book that is easy to use and highly informative, with helpful hints that I must previously have missed somewhere along the line. 

Although I keep my own diary on a spreadsheet I think this book will become my ‘go to’ book for what I should be doing each week, rather than thumbing through 2 or 3 other favourites.

With sensible stay flat binding and plenty of beautiful pictures this book will be both happy potting shed companion and coffee table reading.” Jan in Hertfordshire 30.11.16


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