Three strip trial 2014-2018

This one is ongoing. It morphed into the current form in 2014, so 2018 is fifth year of this version.

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Also within this trial are some explorations of no rotation (link to video made 09/16). The beans are fifth year same place, leeks fourth year, potatoes + broad beans 3rd or fourth year.

The three strips are 2 metres wide, 9 metres long; each strip comprises six small beds.

  • STRIP 1 soil loosened by forking 10-11in/25-27cm depth each autumn/early winter without inversion, then 2in/5cm bought* compost on the surface. A different method to my dig/no dig trial.
  • STRIP 2 no dig, was mulched initially with polythene 2013, and 2in bought* compost is spread on the beds each winter.
  • STRIP 3 no dig, 2in composted cow manure on the surface each winter; in 2017 and ’18 this manure was finer and older when applied.

  *bought compost was green waste for 2014-15, mushroom 2016, half each for 2017 & 2018

See below for four years’ graphics and results.


On 12th January I planted December-sown broad beans, Aquadulce, in the same beds as for several years.
We made plantings on 2nd April of lettuce and spinach, in the same beds as 2017. Meanwhile the salad under mesh cropped well through winter, mostly mustards, but most pest damage to leaves was on strip 3.

  • Results of the salad beds up to final harvest on 17th May were:
    strip 1 4.61kg, strip 2 5.89kg and strip 3 4.50kg of saleable leaves. Then on 24th May these beds were planted to two week old Borlotti and Czar runner beans, for the sixth year consecutive, see photos below.

On 13th August, Steph held a stepladder while I took photos of the two pairs of strips. Near the camera was spinach, now kale. Then the lettuce beds are now chicory, and potatoes (see video) are now leeks. Broad beans finished in June and are now cabbage, the Kuri squash are close to ripe, and beans look strong.

There has been a similar pattern in the harvests of 2018, compared to previous years.

  • The forked strip gives consistently lower yields, although plants often look similar.
  • Strip three, cow manure sometimes gives bigger harvests but has a few strange ‘failures’ as with squash in 2018. Growth generally is strong.

Harvests to 20th November are as follows:

Table of harvests 2018

Harvests from the three strips to 20th November


2017 & earlier

Four year’s results from the three strip trial