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    I noticed the link in the update to the TWool product – garden string made of wool. I have spun wool yarn for garden use several times and can confirm that it is remarkably strong.
    I have attached a picture of some I made this year, supporting a few peas. I dyed the wool with ragwort, expecting to get green but it turned out yellow. Of course, it is biodegradable, and you can use it to support tomato plants if you tie it loosely to the base of the stem, rather than burying it under the rootball.
    The peas in the photo were an experiment. The variety is Terrain, which is highly resistant to fungal diseases. It was suggested in the seed catalogue that it could be grown to provide peas in autumn, so I sowed a few seeds on 13th July, in modules. They grew quite well, even though the weather was poor in August. By the third week of October, pods were swelling and there were still lots of flowers. Then the frosts came: minus 2, minus 5, minus 8, which stopped the peas in their tracks. Next year, I will try the experiment again, but sow a bit earlier.

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    Kev that looks strong and sturdy twine.
    I have a sample and the twool feels much stronger than jute, such a good idea as Brexit looms!!

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