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    Hi Charles / all,
    I am just digging the holes gor the legs of my polytunnel when this thought occured.
    Our polytunnels are quite large 54ft x 20ft and our ground slopes. I have removed all the topsoil, excavated out a flat pad and then shifted all the top soil back in so inside the polytunnel will be flat.
    Outside the polytunnel on the low ground side there will be a bank about 1m high at about 45 degrees to buttress the soil on the inside of the polytunnel.
    The area outside will be more veg bed but what to do with this sloped bit? I don’t want it to go to grass, which is what it will default to.



    Consider 45 degrees too steep for shifted soil, suspect that it will wash away or slump. If you can draw it down more gradually, then perhaps plant as normal. Could be a site for curcubits, they are happy running up/down a slope and generally supress other vegetation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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