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    Any advice for no dig tulips? Normally the advice for helping non-species tulips to perennialise is to dig down 12 or more inches, lay down pleny of grit, then plant the bulbs. That isn’t really compatible with no dig. Tulips that aren’t planted deeply usually don’t perennialise well, diminishing after only a year or two, so it’s often advised to chuck them after flowering instead of storing and replanting. What do others here do?



    My tulips often last 4-5 years and I make a hole with a sharp copper trowel, just a bit larger than the bulb and plant 10cm/4in deep.
    No grit, I hate adding that to lovely soil, drainage is excellent with surface mulching and busy worms.



    That seems logical, I’ll have a go. Really wasn’t keen on the idea of grit. Wow, 4-5 years? I find only certain tulips will do that for me, others disappear very quickly. Busy worms, I love your turn of phrase.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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