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    Hi, am I too late to mulch my plot with well rotted pig manure.
    I am thinking squash beds may be fine, but not so sure about more delicate veg say, lettuce, herbs.
    Also I have a large bag of volcanic rock dust, could I use this instead of compost this year, or use it as well as. If so when is the best time to apply.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Kags
    Never too late! Soil organisms are always happy to be fed. Just that mulches sooner before sowing need to be finer, so if your ‘manure’ is in fact compost, i.e. crumbly and decomposed, you can spread it now or even later.
    If not, I would buy and spread some finer compost, even if only a little. The rockdust is a good idea, asap, again to feed soil life. Though it’s not a compost substitute, but an extra.



    Great, thanks for the speedy reply, better get manuring. 😀

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