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    Two weeks ago, in a bed of about 30 tomatoes (three different varieties) I discovered leaf discolouration (yellowing but with green veins) in about 4 plants across the varieties. See first photos. I was pretty sure it was an iron deficiency and treated them with iron chelate as a foliar dose. I use a lot of cow manure and thought that organic feeding like this would prevent chlorosis – am I incorrect in this assumption?
    Now – two weeks later – the yellowing has decreased significantly but the leaves are not healthy! See photos. Did I overdo the iron chelate, or do you think I have another problem altogether?

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    Elle that looks worse than chlorosis and I’m afraid it could be a residue of something from the cow manure. It’s a very unnatural discolouration! Even in photo 1 it looks like the growing point is affected (as with herbicide residue) and the last photo shows plants close to dying, from what I can see.



    Thanks Charles, for your quick and useful response. Having read some posts about the issues of residue in horse manure, I had hoped that cows in open pasture would not be exposed to herbicides. Darn!! I am going to pull out the affected plants.

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