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    Ray Fidler

    My first year of No Dig and all is going well and Im delighted with the volume of produce. I have a problem getting the volume of brown material required for my compost heap. The result is my temperature in the bin is a constant 30degrees. The biggest short fall of brown material is woody items. As a lateral thought is okay to use natural decorative bark as a substitute ?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.




    Scrunched up paper, egg boxes and non-glossy cardboard are (free) browns as a suggestion. Supermarkets often have boxes.



    Yes Jan’s ideas are good Ray, and preferable to the bark in that I don’t think bark will contribute much heat.
    In fact I am puzzled, as too much green usually heats up, for a while anyway.
    Good to hear you are enjoying big harvests.


    Ray Fidler

    Many thanks for your help. Ray




    I have pruned a variety of trees and hedges in the summer and this provides a good balance of brown and green, particularly when you cut back summer growth on fruit trees or other trees in the gardens, with leaves plus thin twigs the result.

    I do use cardboard, newspapers and egg boxes too when nothing else is around.

    If all else fails, add a few shovel loads of soil!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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