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    Can anyone help me? I ve just taken on a plot and this is the first time I ve ever tried to grow vegetables. I really want to try no dig. The plot, however, was left to run wild for two years by the previous tenants, before that it was uncultivated land, as this is a newish site, only two years old. The plot is covered in the usual perennial weeds, lots and lots of crouch grass. Also, my patent have a plot too, which they dug, and they found lots of large stones in the soil, so I suspect my plot will be very stony too. What should I do? Do I dig the stones up and then do no dig on the plot? Will I be able to grow anything next summer? I know crouch grass can take 12 months to kill with no dig, but I can’t just cover the ground up and leave it for 12 months or I would get thrown off the allotment! I m really not sure where to start. We strimmed all the weeds down and plotted out beds with rope but I don’t know where to go from here, especially regarding the large stones and bricks. The soil looks to have clay in it but heaps of worms too.



    Measure out a bed,say 15 foot by four and dig it over.See what’s there then do a few foot by foot squares here and there, then that should give you an idea of what your up against.
    You might have to dig/clear the whole plot,even if you have to do this then your then ready for no dig.
    What was on the land before it was designated for alottments? this you need to find out..
    Hope that helps.



    Paul, many thanks for your reply, it’s very helpful. I started pulling out dock weed roots today in one smallish area and came across a few largish bricks straight away.

    The allotment site has an interesting history, it used to be the site of an old mill and due works, which burnt down in 1914 after which it remained derelict until the 1970s at which point it became farmland. My mum and Dad have had their plot on the site for the two years it’s been open and they found a lot of rocks and brick. Their plot is next to the one I ve just taken on. I ll do a bit digging then and see what I find.

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