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    I’ve noticed that leaves on my pea grown for shoots have gone ‘silvery’. At the close inspection it was lower surface of leaves being munched by (so far) tiny green caterpillars. After some researches I’m guessing it is Silver Y Moth. I must admit peas haven’t been protected with mesh as should have been. The infestation is quite serious and I suspect I will have to pull them out. Has anyone have any experience with this moth, and would protecting with mesh be the only option? Also Charles, what’s your opinion about sowing another batch of peas now (for shoots). I live in Somerset.



    Oh bother I had not heard of that moth and have not noticed it here. We just find the odd green caterpillar on pea leaves.
    It sounds like mesh is best option, also bacillus thuringiensis, see my Pest video for more on that.
    It’s late to sow peas for shoots but you will get some, just a lot less than from spring sowing, maybe try a few to see: they grow best in cool, damp summers and it’s going the other way I think this year.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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