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    ….there has been onion theft on our street! So I’ve pulled all the remaining mammoth red up so we at least get something. I guess this is about a month early and that onions can swell quite a bit more during that time; is this correct – have I missed out on a bigger harvest?



    How maddening and those thieves have no idea of the love and care given to what they have stolen.
    Yes you will have lost some yield, but I would have done the same.
    Here are some of my almost-ready Sturon on 12th and 16th July, for harvesting tomorrow, for a video as it happens.

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    Thanks Charles, I’m more bothered about the yield lost than the vandalism; I was looking forward to seeing how big the mammoth red onion would grow! Still, the yield is good and I can only recommend the variety on that basis, taste and storing ability yet to be undertaken.

    Your sturon are looking good and glad you got good germination this year; I remember a couple of seasons back we both had really poor results from a batch of sturon. I’ll check out the video when released and have now read the recent update. Thanks again.

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