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    Following Charles’ advice (can’t remember which book) I decided to grow Garlic from the supermarket.
    Last year I bought 3 garlic bulbs from a well known supermarket for 50p a pop,they were called extra large garlic.
    There was no variety named only country of origin-Spain.
    I planted 21 cloves on 24th oct 2017 along with 6 bulbs worth from Kings at a cost of £15.
    Now I have no problem with the garlic I’m growing from Kings,it’s doing really well and I should be harvesting in a few weeks.
    Now getting back to the supermarket garlic,it turned out to be hard-neck,I cut the scapes off a couple of weeks ago,they were lovely.Then last week they just went over,so I decided to have a look.On Friday I harvested 21 of the biggest garlic bulbs I have ever grown,thanks Charles..”Every little helps”



    Hello Paul and this is such a nice result, thanks for sharing.
    I am also intrigued that the hardneck garlic has matured already, because mine are still swelling, as they mature later than softneck.
    Best of luck with regrowing them!



    Yes I plan to keep 3 of the bulbs to re-grow,I was just going to buy all from the supermarket next year.
    Although when I started to think about it,supermarkets change their suppliers/stock etc quite frequently so hopefully They still stock it next Oct so I can buy six lol.
    I urge everybody on here to give them a go.
    One month after planting there was about 4 inches of really strong broad leaves whilst there was no signs of the Solent wight,they are really vigorous.



    As an addition to the supermarket garlic … my neighbouring allotmenteer said the ‘dried instant peas’ from Sainsbury are a good way to grow peas (he was partly right) and the lady in our independent bakery said Waitrose’s living salad provides ample lettuce seedlings. I tried both. Waitrose … amazing lettuce harvests and stunning varieties I wish I could put a name to … Sainsbury peas, hmmmm. germination is patchy but the plants are strong.


    Green pasture

    I, too have grown dried marrowfat peas from the supermarket, a 1kg bag. I used them for shoots (which I grew from time to time in a tray). Initially germination was good but did get worse over time and now after 4 years the last batch I tried was disappointing, but to be expected.

    “they” say we shouldn’t plant supermarket garlic (and potatoes) due to the introduction of diseases. I understand plants grown for consumption aren’t checked the same way as plants grown for further cultivation. But it is expensive to do so; I was disappointed with my yield of official solent white from 2 bulbs bought for £10!!



    I have also planted shop bought garlic and had good results. I had a variety of garlic in the ground from last year’s October planting and harvested them last week. I had a mixture of hard and soft neck garlic, I can never remember which is which, but the ones with the scapes did better than the others and I will plant those again this year. Incidentally, I have never eaten the scapes, I have always replanted them. I have never planted them separately or written down anything about them, but I will keep a little diary now and see how things go for the next year and they will have an area to themselves from now on. I usually replant late September/early October.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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