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    When is it ok to remove butterfly netting? We created a large cage to cover Brussels, broccoli and romenesco, however we’re in a windy area and it’s taking quite a bashing so I wondered if I’m safe from cabbage whites to take it down?

    I’ve planted Brussels in to raised beds, about 4inches if mushroom compost on top of clay soil, unfortunately my Brussels have fallen/ grown wonky, The winds not helped either, the Brussels seem to be forming nicely, should I look to brace them? Or leave them be?
    And finally My broccoli is covered in grey aphids, I’d removed some of the covered plants earlier but now it seems that they all have it, are they ruined? Should I cut them down & is it ok to compost them?

    Thank you



    In wind, the butterflies will be gone so best remove it now.
    Prob. your Brussels will do ok reclining on the ground. Otherwise it’s a stake for each.
    Grey aphids are tricky but I would not necessarily pull up the plants, see how they go some more.



    Great thanks Charles. Any advice on what to do with the grey aphids?



    Try soap solution, seemed to have some success for me.




    We only have four sprout plants. I had them netted for quite a while, to try and keep the butterflies off and removed it when it seemed safe from attack. All was going well, until one of the plants, the best one, was attacked by pigeons!! Made a right mess of it they did, so, the netting is back on…



    Field Navigator I want to suggest this tool because it helped me a lot in my farming activities.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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