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    Ourselves and several other plot holders on our allotment have reported that crops of carrots have been dug up!
    We wondered if this could be a cat or two that have recently appeared, however, ourselves in particular have noticed the carrots are partially eaten. A raised bed that we have has been heavily netted as a guard and on the face of it there has been no intrusion but on inspection what was a decent crop of carrots has been devastated. This bed also contained beetroot which have not been affected.

    Foxes are present in the area as are badgers, both of which would have surely wrecked the netting to get in but either of these seem the only fairly obvious answer. Could it be in the absence of rain lately that slugs and worms are not so present and whoever is the culprit is searching for alternative foods?

    Would be interesting to know if others have experienced similar problems or suggestions of who is raiding us.
    Thanks everyone.



    Possibly attacked from below Ron?

    The ground here is so hard from lack of rainfall, that it’s quite a task to dig them up with my copper spade! Hope you can find out who the culprit is.



    Thanks for your thoughts but…
    Some carrots were being raised in a half barrel which was off the ground, others were in a metal bath.
    The plot (excuse the pun) thickens.



    Ron what about rats?
    My forst thought was badgers but as you say, they would have wrecked everything.



    Thanks Charles, anything is possible, someone on Facebook suggested a mole as well but being that some were in a half plastic barrel that is raised of the ground the steep sides would have made it difficult to climb. We have nine plot holders that have been affected and whilst rats cannot be ruled out I would have thought with that many crops ruined we should see an epidemic of them.


    Don Foley

    Hi Ron,
    I agree with Charles, I think it must be Rats. Scatter a few Rat Traps around the affected areas and see what you get.
    Keep us posted on how you get on.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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