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    Richard Freedman

    Hi, last year I ran a trial of the no dig method on a 1/4 of my allotment, I spread 4 Tonnes on green compost and used it as a base for my veg growing, I have been very impressed with not only the quantity but the lack of weeds in my plot.

    So this year i am thinking of using the same method for the entire plot, I have roughly calculated that I will need 12 Tonnes of compost and have found various sites that sell bulk compost but all different qualities (and price).

    I would like to ask, out of the 3 main types, which is best?
    1) Mushroom Compost or
    2) Green waste compost or
    3) Organic Compost

    Obviously, each one comes with a different cost, I can get the Green for £40 per tonne, mushroom for £60 and Organic for £80.

    Could you give some advice on which one I should go for and any benefits for the different types?





    Richard this is hard to say because the quality and age of ‘green’, ‘mushroom’ and ‘organic’ varies so much.
    I have no idea what your organic is or contains.
    If buying green, I would order it now so you can have it stacked and fermenting to a mature stage before use.


    Richard Freedman

    Hi Charles, thanks for the response, would storing the Green compost in Builder Bags be ok?

    The description of the Mushroom compost says that it has been “Our compost comes fully steam sterilised before leaving the mushroom farm, so it won’t spread weeds or any other unwelcome visitors to your garden or growing area.” does that provide any more information and the Green Compost comes from the Local municipal compost producer, from the council green bins.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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