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    Hi Charles, sorry, couldn’t think of a better title!

    I noticed you usually shred the ferns of your asparagus at the end of the season and spread the chippings back on the asparagus bed. Is this to simulate, in a way, what happens in nature i.e. the ferns staying in place and rotting back in to the ground to feed successive generations of growth? Or simply a handy way of getting shot of them?! I usually take mine to the compost heaps which are right next to my asparagus bed..

    Thanks, Tris



    It’s a bit of both Tris: quicker than composting, and unlike for beds of annual veg, any slugs hiding under the mulch of stems do not affect the growth of new spears, apart from a little damage in April.
    This is only my second year of doing it, so no conclusions yet.



    Thank you.

    David, my friend that runs the local gardening club, said that your talk was “most thought provoking” and really enjoyed your recent seminar. There is some natural resistance to no-till veg gardening, but there are rumblings a foot, with the odd plot owner mentioning your name on occasion. All good fun 🙂



    My parents used to cultivate (white) asparagus commercially. We used to burn the ferns as they turned yellow and dried out in order to control further spreading of the common asparagus beetle.



    Thankfully not had any issue with those yet! Cheers…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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