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    It appears some of my onions are succumbing to allium leaf miner, with Kelsae particularly sensitive and now a few van Rynsburgers going down.

    Anyone know whether I should hope for the best and get a reduced crop or dig them all up and plant something else there instead?

    I assume it is too late to replant with sets?



    It’s a horrible pest and I am unsure how you reduce the damage. Worth planting a ce sets as soon as you can Rhys.


    Don Foley

    Alternatively you could sow a winter Leek variety such as Blue Solaise. Sow in modules now and plant out late June early July.


    Don Foley

    Hi Rhys,
    On second thought I think I would put a non Allium crop in instead, Carrots perhaps.



    Hi Don

    Actually my carrot sowings have all gone well this year, so I probably do not need any more of those. Ditto I have two lots of leeks in modules waiting to go out in June, so I doubt I need more of those (and I only have one mesh so I am limited to one bed for leeks).

    I got some Sturon sets and planted today, so am hoping for the best. If they also fail, I may have to miss alliums for a year or so…..

    On a more positive front, applying biodynamic horn manure to pear trees appears to have significant healing powers where pear midge is concerned. This year, after 3 years of bad infestation, applying in late February appears to have helped young fruitlets resist infection. So I wonder whether treating young alliums with horn manure might also be beneficial? Too late for this year, but I may try it on the leeks and next year on onions…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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