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    I have just emptied my garlic bed which was no dig what could I plant in this space would spring onions be ok -many thanks



    Hi. Spring onions not ideal as also an allium, but not out of the question. I have plants ready to follow my elephant garlic: beetroot, swede, filderkraut cabbage, though there are other possibilities too. Perhaps other forum members could pitch in their favoured successions for garlic, and increase all our options?



    Almost any veg esp. if you have plants ready. Brassicas top the list, beetroot, carrots, swede, fennel, dwarf beans.
    See the timeline for precise ideas


    Gli Orti di Mauro

    vorrei dare il mio contributo,
    io vi scrivo dall’italia,
    nel mio cassone letto rialzato, ho messo aglio lo scorso anno ma ho avuto poca produzione …è rimasto molto piccolo, nonostante tutto molto buono e digeribile.
    una volta raccolto aglio ho trapiantato barbabietola rossa, porri , e anche alcuni radicchio palla, mi trovo bene con tutte queste cose.
    ciao a tutti e grazie a Charles per gli insegnamenti che ci da.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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