No dig workshops in Worcs, Oxtons Organics Sep 7th-8th

September 07 - September 08 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

No-Dig Market Gardening: Strategies for Healthy, Productive and Profitable Growing

Hosted by Charles Dowding & Jake Eldridge

About the course:

During this 2 day workshop we will explore how no-dig veg growing practices can produce an abundance of healthy crops throughout the year whilst simultaneously improving soil health and reducing the weed burden. We will see how these simple strategies can be used at the garden, allotment or commercial scale to create resilient and productive gardens with less labour.

Oxtons Organic no dig market garden is testimony to the larger scale application of no dig methods in commercial growing.

Tickets cost £120 per day. Free camping overnight if needed. See Eventbrite link for more details and to buy tickets.

Day 1: The Principles and Practices No-Dig Growing with Charles Dowding

During this first day Charles will present the pioneering techniques he has been developing over 30 years of no-dig veg growing. Suitable for gardeners and commercial growers alike, Charles will share the simple strategies he has developed for establishing and maintaining no dig beds, managing weeds, propagation and seeding, managing pests and diseases, harvesting, companion planting and successional cropping. After a homemade lunch of homegrown produce we will take a tour of Oxton Organics no-dig market garden with a more in-depth look at particular crops and some of the simple, affordable tools which suit themselves to this kind of growing. There will be plenty of space for questions and for those staying for the second day there will be a simple supper and fire pit in our lovely orchard where we can all wind down.

Day 2: Farm Scale No-Dig with Jake Eldridge

This second day will be more appropriate to those who are interested in or already growing for market. This day will demonstrate how no-dig growing lends itself to profitable market gardening by focussing on appropriate intensification and soil health. During the morning Jake will present the planning, monitoring, marketing and decision making techniques that have greatly improved the productivity and profitability of their farm Oxton Organics. This presentation will cover holistic decision making, integrated crop and business planning, marketing strategies and record keeping. After Lunch we will head out into the field to see the techniques that have made farm scale no-dig growing achievable for us and the innovative tools which save us a lot of labour on the farm. Participants will leave this workshop with a crop and business planning toolkit, including spreadsheets, which can be adapted to their own farms and contexts.

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07 September 2019 - September 08
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Oxtons Organics
Broadway Lane