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November has it’s compensations, as you see in these images. Plus it’s good to be in the garden on gloomy days because we then absorb light and feel more energetic. However it’s turning much, much colder in the UK now. The main seasonal job is to harvest many root and […]

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salads after frosts 12
After a gorgeous summer and early autumn, we suddenly have wintry weather. However it’s also continuing to be dry here with just 60mm/2.4in rain in October. That makes 299mm/12in rain since April, when the average for those six months is around 385mm. The deficit has been exacerbated by hot sun […]

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Rich colours of autumn salads 7
Autumnal weather has brought just 41mm/1.6in rain here so far in October, encouraging new growth but not yet enough to soak into the soil, which is still mostly dry below 4-6in/10-15cm. The average temperature has been above average: 10C/50F by night, with one slight frost, and 16.5C/62F by day. Now […]

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Quite soon the switch flicks and the last joys of summer cede to cooler and above all darker days. We have had many cool nights already and some ground frost, then many days of sunshine and temperatures 16-19C/sixties F. No dig means you can quickly clear and replant all through […]

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If you have not already sown salads for cropping undercover through winter and into spring, NOW is the moment. So they have time to establish before winter, make decent roots then crop in cool weather. If you have only a cold frame or greenhouse staging, grow some in boxes. I […]

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September looks dry for much of the UK: no dig means easier watering, see below. There are still plantings for outdoor veg and sowings for veg under cover. August gave welcome rain at times, 85mm/3.4in here which is about average, while temperatures were a degree warmer than usual. There is […]

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A second spring after some rain, still warm, days reasonably long – what are you waiting for? One days growth in August is two in September, four in October, eight in November, 16 in December and a half in July! The two photos show growth in just eight days.

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Here, July 2006 was hotter than this year. However in 2006 we had 41mm lovely rain, after 36mm in June ’06, whereas this year the figures to 28th July are 6mm & 4mm respectively, most unusual for the UK. My hose has been busy and no dig mulch is helping a lot. […]

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