Seasonal Updates

There is just some kale and mustard leaves to harvest on the beds comparing growth between dig and no dig. Total harvests in 2017 are 103.9kg dig and 119.7kg no dig: each bed is 1.5 x 5m/5x16ft, see here for more details. On the three strip trial, the forked beds grew […]

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There are many lovely harvests to make in November, and much to learn from how things have grown this year. The main sowing is broad beans, from now in colder areas until mid or late November in southern UK. The aim is to have seedlings not plants, before winter’s cold […]

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We have been clearing and planting under cover, making many harvests and filming for videos plus TV. I enjoyed working with the makers of Croatian programme Vrtlarica, about healthy living and food growing. No dig is becoming popular in Croatia and the presenter Kornelija Benyovsky has been appreciating no dig […]

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The weather has been difficult but manageable, apart from damage to climbing beans. Leafy crops have enjoyed the rain and lack of sun more than fruiting ones. However September’s second half looks quiet and perhaps warmer, as often happens. It’s time to make last salad sowings, and some exciting harvests.

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New season and Homeacres news – autumn is near and we need to prepare. Make new sowings, continue weeding and tidying including old brassica leaves and leek rust, watch for pests and tomato blight and enjoy the harvests. It’s been nicely busy here with the release of popular new videos, […]

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The weather rules. What a change on 20th July from the year’s early sun and warmth to Atlantic wind, cloud and rain. July was the wettest since 2012 with 141mm/5.6in rain. I fear that August will be cooler than average, so we need to keep up to date with new […]

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