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Through summer 2017 we are posting new videos in a series of How to Grow some different vegetables, and the first one is on pea shoots.  On 21st April I was featured in the Gamechangers series of BBC Gardeners World. You can watch this episode on You Tube, and my slot […]

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Welcome to the website of Charles Dowding, innovative gardener and author of nine books on caring for soil and growing vegetables. Plus I share knowledge through talks, courses and magazine articles: the latter won me the 2014 Garden Media Guilds ‘Practical Journalist of the Year’. My site shows productive ways to grow […]


I compare the year’s yields of Homeacres’ experiments with dug and undug beds, show how to judge the quality of compost and manure, catch up on winter growth and maintenance at Homeacres and at Steph’s allotment and receive an award from the Garden Media Guild.

December 2014