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My upcoming trips include Italy next week, Ireland in May and Copenhagen RHS garden festival in June.

See what Homeacres looks like in summer, this popular video is a 20 minute tour. Charles Dowding channel has 1,300,000 views by March 2017.

Through permaculture magazine, a film by Phil and Lauren, five minutes on the simplicity of growing without disturbing soil.

Filmed in July, this video on You Tube explains no dig tomato growing, and ongoing tomato care undercover. It is also part of the online course.

My online course  is still available to buy, follow this link It includes 40 videos,  text and photos, to clarify all the benefits of a no dig, organic approach to growing vegetables, and its good for flowers too! Here is a short video  about it.

Part of Homeacres garden, needs almost no weeding

Steph has a great new site and blog, with photos of seasonal veg, prepared salads, potions made from homegrown ingredients and more. 

See my sowing timeline in Articles (under Learn banner), the whole year at a glance. Save your time and seeds! Summer is still good for sowing many seeds.

Tomatoes grown without digging and without feeding, just compost on top

Here’s a video about Homeacres course days, and nice shots of the garden.

The tools I recommend are available here and include a wooden, long-handled dibber, 84 cell module trays and also my books.

Seeds, how likely are they to grow, where are they from? Some interesting results from a survey by a consumer organisation here.

New website for rock dust with many interesting reports of its results from gardeners all over the UK.