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    Just found this great website and looking forward to learning and sharing. Recently moved to Somerset from West Yorks so lots of differences – the soil is ver similar though apart from colour. Lots of clay. I have watched Back to Eden and totally embraced it – love the idea of no digging. Great to find a person who is so succesful in no dig in the UK and so knowledgeable.
    We are at the stage of just found a plot to share and preparing the ground.



     Welcome to the site and good luck with your new plot Jo. Clay is a good soil not to work!

    I had not heard of the film Back to Eden and wonder if I should make something similar here, as I find that many gardeners simply don’t believe that no dig can work until they see the amazing results.


    kate robinson

    I am also in Somerset and have just started a no dig salad leaf growing business.
    I started mulching the ground on the 5th August. I put up a 16 x 40 ft polytunnel – the outside bed is still under black plastic. I spread 6 tons of organic cow manure and then 6 tons of Dimmer dump compost. November has been so mild that we have been amazed by the quantity and quality of the leaves in the tunnel. I have very few weeds but a few slugs enjoy my pac choi in particular!
    Good luck with your plot – I wonder what you plan to grow? K



    Back to Eden link:

    Lovely to get replies :-)

    @ Charles I think it would be a great idea for you to make a film as Somerset is very different to Paul’s plot. Your website has great resources already too.

    Some people may be put off by Paul’s religious quotes – I am not religious and not put off. I think his site offers great information and I found it very inspiring.I really got the letting go aspect so we can do something different to the old conditioning.

    At the moment I am looking to prepare the ground and ways of planting with the moon – which I notice you do as well Charles – anyone else on here? I work with moon cycles for me in my life and although this is new for me am already feeling the benefits so want to plant this way too.

    Looking at cardboard mulch and getting some local manure and would love some chickens so I have my manure on site and give my chickens the weeds and greens as on the BTE film.

    I would like to do polytunnels. I am in Compton Dundon are any of you nearby?
    Thank you for connecting :-)

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