Seasonal Updates

The long days of July are great for sowing and replanting, after summer harvests that are increasing in quantity all month. Harvests from my two trial beds below, to end June, are 29.3kg/64lb from the dug bed and 35.1kg/77lb from the no dig bed. Already planted for harvesting in summer […]

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It’s drying up, so what is priority for watering? 1 Water new plants thoroughly, but not the whole area. Without a rose on the can, give water to the rootball only. Repeat after two days if the weather stays dry, then leave as long as possible, so that roots head […]

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Wonderful growth has happened in May’s second half, after 59mm rain and warmth. Nights especially were the warmest of any May I recorded since the 1970s. Up to 15th the night minimum was average 7.5C/45F, then 16th-31st it was 11.1C/52F. However June looks cooler, probably windy and unsettled at times, […]

June 2017, seed quality, no dig speed, pests to watch ...

There is still so much to sow and plant. Now is good to sow cabbages for autumn hearting, Brussels sprouts, French and runner beans, sweetcorn, more carrots, lettuce and multisow beetroot, even leeks if you have not already. You can set out plants of celeriac, sweetcorn, tomatoes, courgettes, squash etc. […]

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Until the cold final week, April at Homeacres was a good growing month. Temperatures and sunshine hours were slightly above average, while rainfall was a record low amount until 30th, just 7.6mm (0.3 inches) in the month. I am watering salads, spinach, some beetroot as they approach harvest time, and […]

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1st March, the start of spring by some definitions, sees the UK weather turning cooler, a sure sign that spring is underway! Hence the need for waiting to sow seeds of warmth loving plants such as tomatoes, sweetcorn and courgettes. Have fleece or cloches ready to cover new plantings, from mid […]

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