Seasonal Updates

  Are you ready for cold weather?  November was 4.5C (8F) cooler than last year, and December looks to be cool, perhaps with snow around the solstice. Otherwise mostly dry.  November was above average rainfall here because of the wet spell from 19th-21st (see below, no dig drainage), but otherwise […]

Dec. 2016 winter veg, harvests, no dig success and starting ...

16.10.16, the middle of autumn and there is still no frost here, though I hear that some valleys and northern areas of Britain have frozen a little.  Because of autumn’s increasing mildness, over the last three decades* at least, I sowed my brassica salads for winter a whole ten days […]

October ’16 update: mulches, brassicas, carrots dig/no dig, sedum

At Homeacres, the first ten days of September were a gardener’s dream. Summer warmth continuing, of (average) 14C 57F by night and 21C 70F by day, also with 47mm (1.9in) rain falling onto dry soil. I have noticed very few weed seeds germinating after the rain, except where soil was […]

Sept. update sow winter salad, harvest seed, rotation, two failures